Friday, 3 January 2014

Our Wood Anniversary!

Today is 03.01.14, mark our 5th anniversary.

We celebrated in Bali a month ago, a pact we made when we had our honeymoon. In the exact same resort, with our little precious.

The Event Manager we engaged in Mandarin Oriental Hotel where we held our solemnisation and lunch reception sent us this message! She's so sweet! She remembers our anniversary every year. I think she's really passionate about her job.

Thanks Bethany for the message.. really sweet of her
 And 5th anniversary is also called "wood anniversary". So I ordered a pair of handmade wooden rings for us. It's only for memento. :-)

Hubby asked what I wanted for our anniversary. I was in between a few things.. like a guzheng.. a piano.. they are made of woods ;-) Ultimately I settled for a rented guzheng instead.

My rented guzheng

Moments captured - pre-wedding photoshoot, pre-wedding dinner, solemnisation and lunch reception!

Past 5 years were not a bed of roses.. we have been in and out, ups and downs.. It is not easy to be celebrating today, both of us put in a lot of effort.

To many more to come.. 


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