Thursday, 2 January 2014

Rainbow Fish Puzzles Book

It's an award winning book by Marcus Pfister.

Every page of the book comes with a 4-pc puzzle. At the end of the story, you'll be able to get a big puzzle.

What I did was to read the story on each page, and IZ would fix the 4-pc puzzle for each of the scene. Upon completion of all the 9 scenes, he would fix the 9-pcs into a gigantic puzzle.

And I'll read the story again.

What IZ learnt from this book:
1) lantern fish
2) swordfish
3) jagged fins fish
4) lobster
5) and of course, RAINBOW FISH!

Rainbow Fish is indeed a very pretty fish!

Fixing the smaller 4-pc puzzle for each scene

All the 9 scenes

Fixing the 9-pc into a gigantic puzzle

Almost complete

Pretty puzzle completed!

The pic is not so nice, the rainbow fish scales are actually shimmering

The boy was very happy and accomplished

Well recommended!


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