Thursday, 23 January 2014

Branded bag hunt...

Hubby asked what I would like to have as 5th anniversary gift. I've thought about it for months. At first I was thinking along wood anniversary, to get wooden stuffs, read: piano or guzheng.. and considered about the space and all..

Then my focus was to get a branded bag.. well, I'm turning xx years old this year, I thought I could use a slightly better bag. I went into Reebonz everyday, with one of my BFFs and considered and talked about the bags EVERYDAY.. ya, nothing better to do right?

The thing about eyeing the bags are.. eye candies.. haha!

But I did not feel the urge to buy any of them, although when I saw a good deal, I almost wanted to buy, for the sake of buying and utilising the budget hubby allocated for me.

And so, I was reluctant.. an extra bag is nice to have, but I really do not fully utilise the few bags I already have at home.. so, I tried to reason out why I need a bag.. for what ocassion..

For work? Checked.
For weekedn? Checked.
For classes? Checked.

Recommended by BFF - Loewe Amazona..
I kinda like the colour combination and the gold lock!
Amazona 23 comes with shoulder straps but it's way too small
Amazona 28 seems to be a size I do not have, but there was not much options on Reebonz the last 2 weeks
Amazona 32 I figured abit too bulky for me

I'm so in love with Lady Dior.. so classic..
In the wishlist!
I could have bought it now, but I'm not sure how often I would be using it so, why buy?

This is YSL now Saint Laurent is a dream - I love white stuffs - dresses, shirts, bags, shoes..
but they are a pain to care for..

Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 6
I almost bought coz it was S$1500 on Reebonz but BFF said it looks like LV Speedy

The last I saw this.. only because hubby would prefer I buy a PRADA
After all the eyeing for 2 weeks.. I finally decided NOT TO GET ANY BAG..

I still concluded that I do not need that many a bag...

Instead, I bought a guzheng using the budget.. there are alot of balance of coz, but at least I see the immediate need to use a guzheng.. Boohoo!

What a waste right? Ya! I know! But that's me.. isk isk..


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