Friday, 10 January 2014

JB: 3~5 Jan'14

Our first trip of the month. It was an impromptu decision, just a night before!

Since I had no therapy last week, I decided to give guzheng class a miss. Sad, but it's worth it for the family bonding, especially with my bro and SIL. It's been too long.

Morning breakfast at a mamak:

He really loves Malaysian teh tarik - he finished the whole cup himself (the cup I  meant to share with him.. ends up I had to order another cup for myself)

oh prata!

Workout after makan.. at a nearby playground

We saw a boy bleeding from his nose.. profusely.. felt so painful for the mother

As if they were watching a soccer game - seriously hope no one was injured (no ambulance was in sight)

Super marketing at Tesco - bugged us for the ride without money

Yummylicious KL hokkien noodles!
for the food review:

Yummy korean BBQ
for the food review:

Went home to make egg tarts!

Hearty breakfast before we head back to Sg
for the food review:

And the boy knocked out after - notice the diaper?
We thought he would be too tired to wake up to pee..


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