Monday, 20 January 2014

Actitives in Nursery..

Although we read everyday.. all kind of materials, mostly I bought or we borrowed from the library, I have never thought of the need for him to recognise words.

He started recognising his own name over a month ago, and then he learnt daddy's name and my name. He has developed genuine interest in knowing how to spell something random he came about. I answered him accordingly only when he asked.

Last week, the teacher left a note in the communication book that they would have activities:
Mon: news flash (we are to bring an article suitable for the kids)
Wed: reader (they provide us with 2 small booklet called readers)
Fri: music (we are to bring the percussion set every week)

News flash:
Well, how hard can that be? The newspaper is full of articles! WRONG! It's really hard to find one that is suitable for a 3yo! I resorted to looking at illustrations FIRST, before deciding whether or not he could comprehend what's written. Horse carriage trapped in a flash flood? Pass! Wildfire in Perth? Seems doable, and so I told him we would bring that to school. He coudn't be bothered, really. I'm really interested to know how the teacher conduct this news flash activity.

Interestingly, the English and Chinese booklets are of the same topic, My Family. While I know it's inevitable that some families are bigger than the others, I particularly reluctant to go through pages with the "This is my brother" or "This is my younger sister". Oh, come on, he doesn't have any! But I know my problem is a small problem compared to orphans who has lost either or both the parents etc etc..

We realised they had the same smile, look at the eyes!
The beginning of his 5000 over Chinese Characters?! He's only 3!

And English.......


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