Friday, 17 January 2014

4th Class @ Heart Studio: 15th Jan'14

As daddy had to work late, we took public transport to the class. I thought it was a brilliant journey. He was very co-operative when we took the MRT amidst the horrendous crowd due to peak hour and we were very lucky the bus ride was short and smooth. Going home, we took a cab instead. So, ya, 3 modes of public transports on one evening!

Good news I read on the news this morning, children who are below 7 years old, but above 0.9m no longer need to pay for public transport from Apr'14 onwards. Yippie!
We were early so we checked the row of shops along Upp Thomson Road

Had a break at Old School Delights - making him write our orders

Not bad isn't it?

Played snakes & ladders with him - and I realised they are not too young for some board games! I would like to get some for extra fun!

Donkey cards too - though I let him play match the same cards

His first project completed - SHADOWS
In Heart Studio, they take 3 lessons to complete a project. First lesson to learn the basic sketching and concept, Second and Third lesson to draw and paint. I like it that they take photo of the children with their art piece for every project.

2nd theme learnt in Heart Studio - CAR! He learnt 2D and 3D car that day

And so, last night, I was scouting for board games.. I stumbled upon the old school card games!

And he got the concept that he actually attempted to cheat.. more guiding to be done, to be able to accept failure.. and the cards could be used to play matching and some spelling like what he wanted to do in this pic.. all for a price of S$0.60 a stack of 36 cards.. and what you get is a lot of laughter and family bonding!


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