Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Different expressions..

Since young, IZ has been very particular and observant about faces, whether or not they are happy faces.

He would always say "this is happy.." and asked when he saw unhappy faces, for example, "why Humpty not happy?"

I bought Eggspression set for him some time ago, and a book about expressions was included. There were happy, excited, sad, angry, afraid, shy.

So, in his drawings, we would usually see happy faces. He dislikes unhappy or sad looking faces.

Lately, I can't be sure if he is being good in expressing different expressions on the face of what he drew or that he is unhappy.. I am not able to figure. As I saw his drawing only after they were done, not when he was drawing them. Otherwise, I would be able to hear his narration when he draws.

What do you think? 

I somehow felt this little ghost is so depressed

And I can't figure if this is an angry or shocked face

Guess I'll have to spend some time around him to observe his behaviour lately. I've been a little busy. I know he's crying for attention when he insists I bring him to the bathroom to pass urine, or when he asked me to take care of him.

Guilty stricken...


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