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UK Farm Stay! 15~16th Mar'13

Hmm.. the title could be misleading.. well, we went for UK Farm Stay, but not in UK! Hahaha..

We planned this trip to bring my parents to Port Dickson (PD) for a short trip, during IZ's first term holiday. Such a lucky boy to have a short break after a term. :-D

We decided to take it easy to drive up a day before we were supposed to meet up with my parents. I googled about the farm stay my brother told me about, in Air Hitam, Johore. I called them up and check for availability the next day, they are AVAILABLE. yippie!

The whole night and the next morning, IZ kept saying "I want to see mek-mek"!

Hubby and I took half day leave that day, we left home after lunch, and made our way towards North. I suggested to drive to Kluang train station to have coffee break. Well, it was not in the route, it was a detour but that's what road trip is all about right.

It was a very hot day but the coffee shop at the train station was surprisingly cooling. At first I was disappointed as there was no train at the station. But after we get settled down in the shop, came a short train. My guess was short distance train.

Happy boy

Yummylicious!.. and cheap too
It was a great experience for IZ, as it was the first time he see a REAL train. He wanted to board the train, I told him, next time, when we have a chance. Well, maybe we could take from Sg to Kluang for coffee next time? Hehehe..

Seeing train for the first time

Too noisy
After coffee break, we made our way to UK Farm. I was very excited when we drove through the entrance. The trail was so beautiful, although it was not constructed. It could be bad, if it was raining or it rained just before our arrival, but that day was just so perfect.

Hmm.. they are called UK Farm, but they have nothing to do with "United Kingdom, UK" okay?

Perfect weather for our excursion
It was a good 5km drive into where the resort was. But the view was spectacular, you felt like you were in overseas, some ang-moh country or what. The plantations were well maintained, and the place was huge!!!! (I got to know later that it was 200 acres big)

The trail to the resort
Beautifully maintained corn plantation
There it is!
Checking-in (it was super peak period)
Where we put up, the far left chalet.. was told there were only 4 families.. SUPER PEAK?!
The spacious verandah..
The view from the verandah
Back to simplicity room - there was air-cond, tv and wifi though (no mosquito!)
Spacious bathroom
Our "screwed" dinner
Why did I say screwed?

When we arrived, it was past 5pm. They asked us to order our dinner before 6pm, as they have to prepare. So, we ordered and asked when do we have to eat. One of the uncles replied "8+ the latest". So happily we gotten our key, and went to the car, wanted to go to our chalet.

Another uncle called out to us and said, "your dinner is ready". We went "HUH?!?!?!"

He repeated again, and I told him, he might have mistaken, coz we did not intend to eat so early.

He said no mistake, and he appeared not very happy about it.

So I told him, not that we didn't want to eat, but coz we already eaten before we arrived and the other uncle told us we could eat late, how could they prepare our dinner at 5+ before even 6pm?

So we asked the first uncle that we didn't want to eat then. He reluctantly agreed and drove his van to show us where our chalet was. We followed by our car.

Again, I repeated that not that we didn't want to eat, but coz it was way too early, for fear they would spit into our food. Hahaha! I know, paranoid.

Eventually, when we headed for our dinner at 7+, the food they serve, which obviously have been prepared an hour or so ago, turned not nice. While the black pepper lamb chop was not bad, it could have been better if it came fresh from the kitchen.

It was a very unsatisfying dinner, but we made do, as the traveling out of the farm would take us forever in the dark. IZ didn't eat the noodles we ordered for him too, we left the noodles almost untouched.

Lantern for RM10 - this is very famous in TW, surprised to have it in Msia
Write a wish.. what else, he drew a Humpty Dumpty maybe asking him to be good in next life, not to fall down again and break its head! Ha!
Setting off the lantern into the sky - can't help thinking of pollution.. where would the lantern land?
Sunrise in the morning - this was taken at 7+
Amazing.. probably the lowest coconut trees we have ever seen
Morning stroll
Getting ready for our excursion into the farm
Local products for sale!
There was option to take bus.. or..
Horse carriage
IZ didn't enjoy the ride
He said "dog!".. precisely why we need more farm stay
IZ happy
Close encounter with baby goat.. 3 weeks old..
Feeding milk
Happy to see so many goats
Time for the sheep to go out
So disciplined.. haha!
To the grass they go!
Next stop: milking process
Goat milk products
Our poor horse and guide
Herbal Farm
Nice natural blind
Sight we do not get to see everyday
Stevia tea - refreshing
This view all over the place
The trail we took in the morning
Some buffalos along the way
Ostrich farm
Feeding ostrich
Re-charge with cooling honey drink
Jakun - Orang Asli (Native) Village
Their typical dressing
Demonstrating how to use sumpit to catch small moving animals
Demonstrating how to catch bigger animals - the cage is built based on the trace of trails the animal made, basically they estimate the size of the animal and build a cage accordingly
Make-shift tree house to avoid big animals while they hunt for days in the jungle
Different types of hut - bamboo, bark, atap leaves
Venturing into a hut
Goat milk chocholate ice cream to re-charge.. again..
Nice pit-stop to buy souvernir, wash-up and re-charge
Passion fruits farm
Mushroom farm
With alot of mushrooms

Wishing Tree

Smart way to earn money eh?
Yeah, that's what we did.. peeped at other people's wishes..
Treehouse on the wishing tree
IZ made it up there
Closer shot
Literally growing mushrooms
IZ made it up another treehouse!
Mulberry farm - owner say we could pluck mulberries
Yummylicious mushroom salad and mushroom cookies
Enjoying mulberry juice

The whole tour around the farm took us 3 hours with the horse carriage. It could take longer if we took the bus which needs min 10 pax to start. Well, of the 10 people, they may want to linger longer here and there or shorter here and there, thus, we decided to do it on our own.

A tip: start your farm journey the earliest, which is the 9.30am trip, and end just nice when the sun is right up on your head and the weather is too hot to venture.


Jessica Tan said...

Hey, this is cool. And I understand the whole 'uncle' situation. Malaysian tourism: lack of professionalism and marketing.

We visited Farm in The City in Sri Kembangan, KL over the weekend and my boy called the hen a peacock @.@
Precisely why I needed to show him more of the 'kampung' life

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