Tuesday, 9 April 2013

IZ Says @ 28 months

Do you want to see doctor?

I went home to my parents' over the weekend for QingMing (Tomb Sweeping). The following day upon my return, I asked helper how was IZ at home.

She told me an incident where IZ noticed a pimple on her face and said "ouch! pain pain... do you want to go see doctor?" and stared right into her face with concern.

She said she thanked him but there was no need to see doctor, he went over to her, pat pat her head as a gesture of "sayang sayang".

I'm really proud of him.

Are you sure?

We bade bye and helper brought him to school as usual. I overheard:

Helper: let's walk this way
IZ: (looked up to her) ah? are you sure?!

I couldn't help burst in laughter..

Added on 15th Apr'13:

Ship vs Sheep

We were at East Coast, had early dinner at Old Town, and decided to bring IZ nearer to the beach, although we didn't bring any tools.

Daddy: look at those ships!
IZ: no ship (he looked real hard)
Mommy: there, so many! (started counting..)

Few mins later...

IZ: mommy, where's the mek mek?


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