Saturday, 20 April 2013

The start of 1001 WHATs

At 28 months, I certainly didn't expect him to start asking me questions. I thought it should be about 4-5?

Boy, I was wrong.

At 4-5, they ask 1001 whys.

Now, he asks 1001 whats.

Initially, he asked "who's that?"

Please don't reply him "oh, that's so and so.. Uncle, great aunt bla bla bla" coz he actually meant "what's that?"

Just in a week, I managed to teach him that the right way of asking is "what's that?".

His version became "what's the name?"

That's okay for me, better than who's that when he is really asking about an object, right.

So, he was surfing on YouTube and we found a clip showing vintage clocks.

He said "cuckoo clock" when he saw one.

Then another vintage clock and another, and another that I don't know their names.

He asked "what's the name?"

"Errr... That's many many different types if grandfather's clock!"

Ok, no score for that I know, but my brain was blocked.

I think Wiki and Google are going to be my closer friends ever, not that we are not close enough now. Seems like we would be inseparable.


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