Friday, 26 April 2013

Another talking sense into IZ..

Just as I shared about the PR in our bed yesterday, I found a really good opportunity to talk sense into IZ again. About sleeping in his own bed.

He was playing on his cot while I was putting make-up to work. As though a light bulb suddenly lit up in my brain, I got the idea.

Me: IZ, remember this is your bed right. Do you want to try sleeping here tonight..
IZ: (no expression)
Me: (continued preaching) If you do not sleep in your own bed, daddy would have to sleep outside by himself, can't sleep in the room.. pity daddy.. So, do you want to try sleeping in your own bed tonight?
IZ: (nod)

Daddy has been sickly since he went to Nepal, so for the past week, he has been sleeping in the living room for fear of passing us the virus. I did tell IZ about daddy was sick, and he had to stay away, but I thought the conversation above was a good start.

When daddy came out from his shower, I decided to push my luck further.

Me: IZ, do you remember mommy telling you just now about sleeping in your own bed tonight so that daddy can sleep in the room? (winked to daddy)
IZ: (nod)
Me: that's my boy
IZ: daddy poor thing

I gave him a big hug, I hope we could do it tonight. Somehow, I felt the lump in my throat thinking my precious will be sleeping away from me tonight. Sob sob!


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