Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pretend Play

I was playing eggs with IZ two nights ago, and putting them into a toy truck, gave me an idea.

So I told IZ that the hen has just laid eggs, I'll put 4 eggs onto the truck to be sold in the market.

As usual, I knew he would want to snatch the eggs away.

I told him no, in order to get an egg, he would have to pay.

He said "I don't have money" and gestured with his hands.

"You'll have to pay"

"I don't have money" he said again.

"Ok, since you do not have money, you can get something to exchange. Why not you get a book to exchange an egg with me?"

He went to the book shelf and took a book and we exchanged.

We repeated that again.

The third time, he decided he was too tired to walk.

He simply used his hands, pretended to grasp something and then dough a little and said "money".

Amused, I gave him an egg.

The last one, he did the same, and he exchanged all the eggs.

I was aware I was thinking if it's too early to teach him the concept of paying. Nevertheless we had fun, and I was amused by his "innovation".

Looking forward to more impromptu play.


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