Friday, 19 April 2013

Talking sense into IZ..

IZ has this habit of bringing "something" to school since the school started in Jan. On most days, he would bring an egg to school. Yes, you read right, an egg... not the real one of course, although they do look like real ones. You have no idea how many kinds of eggs we have at home. Haha!

One type of Eggs we have at home..

I bought the Eggspression in Isetan coz I found them so cute, with expression on the eggs. There are happy, excited, sad, angry etc. IZ would usually bring the happy egg to school.

Aren't they cute?

Could also make into stacking toy

At times, he would bring a hand puppet I bought for him.

This week, he brought a mini Disney hardcover book, the one with Minnie Mouse on the cover. He developed special interest on Minnie and would hold on to the book wherever he goes, read: toilet, nap, sleep, and of course to school.

To sleep

On Tue, my helper called me after she picked IZ up from school, and told me that teacher would call me to talk about IZ bringing something to school. I panicked.. hmm.. can't he hold on to something while he walked to school? They kept whatever object he brought in the bag before class starts anyway. Helper told me that IZ also hold on to something in the class, DURING the class. And I asked, what's the problem with that? As long as he returns the "something" before class ends, and not bringing it home.

I was puzzled for a day..

Until yesterday, when I watched videos my helper took of Earth Day in Kinderland. I saw that IZ was holding on to his Minnie book (it was not kept in his bag!). And helper told me, one of his classmates actually snatched his book, and 2 others looked on longingly and pointed and whispered Minnie softly.

To school

Now.. I know what's the problem. It caused problem to the teacher. She would have to disperse the interested onlookers, and also conflict if any, coz some of them may want to snatch or touch or share for that matter.

So last night, I've decided to talk to IZ about it, in the hope he would give up bringing Minnie to school. He looked for Minnie and held on to it while he drank milk and I took the chance to talk to him.

"You know, IZ, tomorrow onwards, could you not bring Minnie book to school?.."
"Your friends would be unhappy when you bring Minnie book to school coz they are not able to touch, play or share the book with you..."
"Nicole would be unhappy.. Sasha would be unhappy.. Kayleia would be unhappy..."
"Do you want your friends to be unhappy?"

He shook his head.

"That's a good boy. You could bring some other things to school.. you could bring your egg.."

He paused sucking his milk and said "happy egg"..

"Yes, you could bring your happy egg to school.. and not Minnie book ok.."


Few mins later..

IZ: "Nicole unhappy.. Minnie book.."

"Yes, Nicole would be unhappy if you bring Minnie book to school.."

IZ: "happy egg"

"Yes, you could bring happy egg to school"

Then he fell asleep holding on to Minnie book.

This morning, my helper got panicked, she wanted to hide the Minnie book just before we were ready to leave the house. I told her to leave it just where it was and see if IZ could remember what I told him last night.

"Time to go IZ, is there anything you want to bring to school today?"

IZ: "NO Minnie book"

"Yes, that's right IZ, mommy is so proud of you. No Minnie Book, do you remember why?"

IZ: "Nicole not happy"

"Yes, Nicole would be unhappy if you bring Minnie book. You remember what mommy said last night, well done. So, is there anything you want to bring today?"

IZ: happy egg!

And so he went to school with his happy egg.

I'm really proud and convinced once again, that talking to him works well.

Edited on 24th Apr'13:

As expected, Ms. Fizah called me yesterday and she started the conversation by saying she told my helper that she would call regarding what IZ brings to school... etc..

So I told her frankly I know her concern now, and I made sure I've told and reminded IZ not to bring Minnie book to school telling her the above post, not in details of course! :-D

She shared that the girls in the class love Minnie thus it really imposed problem when IZ brought Minnie book. Ok, point well noted. (I did the corrective and preventive action right away, so this shouldn't be a problem).

Edited on 25th Apr'13:

This morning, he sneakily wanted to bring Mickey soft toy to school but we told him no, as it would make his friends unhappy. He switched to Happy Egg immediately.

*** mission accomplished ***


Yingjie said...

and i think that his special friend Nicole being upset also gets to him!;)

Jenny said...

He's a good boy :)

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