Thursday, 25 April 2013

Baby cot.. anyone?

When I was pregnant with IZ, hubby and I went to scout for baby cot. I had no idea what type of baby cot I wanted, but we've decided on this one, Loved So Much series.

This cot is probably the most expensive big items we've purchased besides the car seat and stroller. And.. you guessed right, the biggest white elephant.

I had pride myself for utilising our big items fairly, and that we did good investments in the them and all, but this cot has been the worst investment ever.

Not that the cot is not good.. the quality is superb. I don't exactly remember how much we paid for the cot, somewhere about S$300++ to S$400 the max. Thinking back, I must have been out of my mind to choose this.

Doesn't the cot looks neat and pretty in white?

Ain't the bear cute?

Adjustable rail at one side

Best of all, could be converted into a toddler bed! How cool!

Unfortunately, IZ slept in the cot for barely 2 months....

Ain't he cute in the cutie cot?
As I breastfed him, I was just too lazy to walk to the cot (although it was just a few steps away) to bring him to nurse, then put him back to the cot again. I put him between us, and that's it. The laziness got to the point of no return, IZ became a Permanent Resident in our bed.

I have to admit that although at times, I really wish to have the bed all by ourselves ONLY, not to be kicked on the face, punched and terrorised when sleeping, I hate to admit that I love having IZ in our bed. I feel secured having him by my side.

And so did hubby too right?

There are times I contemplated to move him out, but when he couldn't, I told myself to take it easy. To asking and concerned friends, I told them I really enjoy him in our bed, and that he wouldn't want to sleep with me forever, so why not just treasure him now.

Well, of course, I received some disapproving look. Not good for marriage bla bla bla..

We will continue putting try to put him to sleep on his own, whether in his own bed or on mattresses.. but I'll continue treasuring his presence in our bed till then. 

Lately I saw this on the Facebook.. haha! What a great idea! Then the white elephant could be put to better use!

PS: Of course, a much better use would be to pass the cot to my future niece/nephew!!

What a brilliant idea!


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