Monday, 15 April 2013

The worst punishment.. ever..

As usual, we went to the temple yesterday, something we do on every Sunday evening.

Last night, IZ decided to be mischievous, climbing the stairs, took off his sandals, and he wanted to play.

After done praying, both hubby and I were leaving, but IZ refused to follow.

Hubby went into the car and closed the door.

I went into the car, but have not closed my door, when IZ started to panic.

He ran sprinted towards us, crying, screaming "daddy! mommy!" as if there was a mad dog chasing him, or if he was running sprinting for a 100m dash.

Momentum caught better of him, and he tripped.

I carried him up, he was choking.. with fear, with panic, with tears...

He stopped crying after a while.

Asked if he was hurt, he said his right elbow felt painful, but I saw no scratches.

Then we went to pasar malam as planned, I found my feet went jelly, I couldn't walk properly as I was really scared for IZ.

It was the worst punishment ever.. I vowed I'll never do it again, not this way. I'm not going to compromise his safety, ever again.

Hubby said it should be a good thing afterall, he should have learnt.

I'm not sure about IZ, but I've definitely learnt a big lesson..


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