Monday, 28 April 2014

B.E.S.A.R Project

This is my second volunteer work with this year. Read my first here.

In my first I was involved in Project Maude - I helped in distributing rations to the needy people who lives in one room flat in Jalan Besar for Chinese New Year

This time it is called B.E.S.A.R Project as the temple collaborated with Jalan Besar CC for Vesak Day.
(although this effort is initiated by temple, I'm very glad that the group did not talk about religion nor tried to influence one way or another, this I really respect and comfortable working with them)

As the packing and distribution will be held on a Sat, I decided to join the house call which was done yesterday. It was a different experience from my first. 

The experience was priceless.

What I could see behind the closed doors, the person who opened and talked to me (or us) and their thoughts are somewhat indescribable.

I've also seen good deeds, by others who buy/bring packet food and hang outside the doors.

I had the advantage of knowing the person personally when I knocked on the door of King George's alone, I could feel the appreciation on their face. I took the time to go through each particular with them and asked about their medical condition.

I could feel the warmth among them when one neighbour would know the whereabout of the other. It was really nice to be able to feel it.

While the flats in Bendemeer are generally newer and bigger, there were more families living there and I could hear more "life" there. When there were only radio / TV as company back in King George's.

One of the dark corridor I ventured myself at King George's

What more valuable lesson to teach the kids on good deeds

IZ asked to follow but I told him next time
I'm sure he would learn much more compared to any classroom set-up.
Till the next round for Mid Autumn.

I'm counting my blessing to be able to give. Thank God for being so kind to us, bless us with good health and happiness. May I be enlightened further to help people in need.


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