Thursday, 24 April 2014

Second chance in life..

I've always been a pessimist. For fear of losing, I rather not having.

For fear of losing, I dare not keep a pet.

For fear of losing, I gave up on relationships.

I chose not to rent a place with my then buddy during uni days. Being so close to her then, although we were in different faculty and hostels, I feared of falling out with her. And so we rented different places in our 2nd year when we had to move out of our hostel. I lose her completely. We went our ways, and our paths never crossed again. It's one of the regrets in life.

A decade ago, my BFF lived in Sg for a year. We didn't meet for more than 5 times. I didn't attend her wedding back in KL. All the excuses (then reasons) I gave then was I had to work. A friend told me "you would not wish you had spent more time working, on your deathbed". It wasn't until I was getting married, that I understood.

By fate of life, she gets the opportunity to live in Sg again. I'm given a second chance, I'll not hesitate to jump at it. And so my BFF of 22 years is moving in with me.

Today, I finally understand the meaning of work-life balance. I finally understand the meaning of bestie. I finally understand the need to treasure relationships and friendships.

We do not need many friends in life, a few good ones is enough.


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