Friday, 4 April 2014

Concluding a crazy week.. (I hope)..

Somehow feel "crazy" is an understatement. It's like "horrendously mad" week it has been.

Just when work turns slightly better for me, all other "personal" stuffs took to one of its worst corner.

The elderly at home has not been feeling well. I really have to admit (hubby agreed too) that it was our bad that it comes to this stage. We have neglected her long enough, overestimated her capability of taking care of herself. I've took for granted her ability to bathe, to feed, to take medicine on her own. She has, really like the saying, turned into a child that really needs a lot of attention. I promise not to neglect her ever again. She is turning 84 come Aug, our house does have a precious.

As if the little one sensed all the tense at home, he too cranked up. He has been literally screaming for attention. Crying at the slightest thing like some water on his shirt/pants. Or latest fit in the morning, refusing to let helper help him with the wet-marketing trolley.

Temper has been quick. Yelling seems to be his choice for communication. And crying.. with real and crocodile tears.

Digging him out of bed is a chore, we take turns to do it so that we do not gets too boiled up.

We have discussed to ignore him at point of his tantrum, and would tell him to look for us when he has cooled down and talk nicely. I hope our consistency would work.

I can't help thinking what's the reason behind, what caused him so upset this week.

Has it been the tense at home coz the elderly has not been feeling well?

Is it because I was not in the best moods before I settled my work stuffs?

Is it because he's not feeling well?

Is it too much TV?

Too much pressure? From us?

Is it negligence?

It it related to helper?

I do know however, to pay close attention to him too.

Yesterday morning, while he was crying his heart out, I went down to him and asked if he wanted me to give him a hug. He shook his head, and cried that he wanted the daddy to hug him. When the daddy did, he stopped crying immediately.

This morning, when I offered to bring him for the wash up, he perks up, and co-operative the whole washing up. I've probably been to reliant on helper to take care of his being and missed the slightest hint of change of mood.

Having said that, I remember reading a book. About how we should let them know about emotions. Life is not just about being happy and bubbly. There are ups and downs in life, it's how we manage them. I may not be the best example, but I shall learn to manage our downs together.

A friend said I should feel relieved that IZ is finally behaving like a 3yo. I am surprised. Probably IZ has put up a real angelic front to outsiders, but I'm sure the 4 adults at home do not think he is anything angelic. Ops!

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel.” —Steve Furtick.

So, I have an elderly and a young precious crying for our undivided attention.

The ride is tough, we've gotta hang on tight!


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