Monday, 7 April 2014

As things changed (slightly) for the better...

As I penned down the crazy week here the craziness did not end just there, but one thing I should be grateful, talking to others about IZ's behavior.

And so I pay attention on him, and did what was advised.

I "collaborated" with all the adults in the family that we would ignore him completely when he gets upset and start shouting or yelling or crying. All agreed. We would tell him to calm down and look for us again.

And so we had a chance to do it on Friday night.

He was crying over something when everyone else was already in the room preparing to sleep. And he was wailing on top of his lung in the hall, in the dark. Nobody entertained him, and it stopped within 2 minutes and he came back in as if nothing ever happened.

He woke up at 6.55am on Saturday, so you may have guessed it, no tantrum. He went "wakey wakey daddy, mommy!" Kids do have biological alarm installed in them for weekends don't they?

A friend came for dinner and he behaved superbly. He even followed me to send the friend home. Once in a while, he would speak in a loud voice as if he was shouting, but when reminded, he would try to bring his voice down.

Yesterday, he woke up with a smile. Out of impromptu decision, I drew lines on a piece of A4 paper and brought some stickers for him. I told him that it was really nice to wake up with a smile, and I shall give him a sticker. I told him, for everytime he wakes up with a big smile, I would give him a sticker.

I told him of the day itinerary, sports class, come back to bathe, eat lunch, take a nap and then BBQ. When he asked for playdough before class, I told him we can play after class. He said, but we are going to BBQ after class. Which means telling him the itinerary works to let him know in advance what he is expecting.

The day started really well. Teacher Izz in RSGK said he performed well. I think so too. Before the class I told him again why it is important to listen to his teachers. I told him the teachers would keep him safe, so he would be safe if he listens to them. It helped too that the class was not as crowded as previous weeks and it was less chaotic with 3 teachers around.

One thing I noticed, every Sunday, before the class starts, he would ask to go to the toilet, saying he needed to pass urine. But unable to pee usually. It reminds me of what Ms Fizah says, that he would say he wants to pass urine frequently, but most of the times, he is not able to. I wonder if this is a psychology thing. Something for me to read up on.

We also had some time to spend at the playground after class and he had fun despite the bright sunny day. All was in good mood.

Make believe puppet - Cookie Monster
He followed me to the company's family day and enjoyed playing with the bigger kids (my colleagues' kids). Thankful the kids did not mind such small little boy. Instead they took good care of him in the pool. He was in super good mood when I sent a colleague and her kids home, and kept asking in which location we were. I enjoyed talking to him like to an adult when I was driving.

Coz of the fuss at home, sometimes I forgot how it is when he is behaving well outside.

He amazed me when he noticed one of my colleagues were sitting alone at a corner eating by himself. He asked me why was he alone. I told him I do not know why, why don't he go and ask. He really went and asked why my colleague was all alone. It made me realised he is aware of his surrounding and the people around him.

He has no problem talking to my colleagues in different race.

It was wonderful day, I ended the night with a story about Rapunzel. A story he asked in the day when he got to know one of his friends were going to watch Rapunzel show.

This morning he asked with curious face, on the Rapunzel's story. Yes, IZ and his 100001 WHYs. I get so used to it, I think I have upgraded a level, my patience, that is.

And yes, as of this morning, he's got 2 stickers!
I promised an ice cream treat for every 7 stickers!


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