Monday, 14 April 2014

Family Bonding Project

Theme for the term is household equipment. They learn about washing machine, vacuum cleaner, fan, etc. Basically useful things at home.

At the end of last term, during the Parents Teacher Meeting, we were given a piece of paper asking we make a 3-D equipment for their show and tell. We were asked to use recycle materials and get the child to be involved too. 

IZ's show and tell is tomorrow!

So here goes our family bonding project, as the daddy calls it.

We thoroughly enjoyed our bonding, I must say.

Making a mark for the stoves

Putting on glue
Can you see the marks on the CDs? 3 of them were done by IZ

Cutting felt for the egg yolk

He was kinda upset when he got an hexagon instead of a round

Tadah.. Our stove cum oven

The top

The bottom

And at the same time, IZ's friend who goes to different Kinderland made an iRobot replica! How cool!

Remarks: I'm not someone who's creative nor innovative, thus if you wish to make something like this, you may look here for inspiration.


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