Friday, 11 April 2014

Anxiety Attack

I noticed IZ kept pressing his left chest last night. The first time I saw that, I didn't think much. As he did it again.. and again, although subtly, I started to feel worried and brought it up to hubby's attention.

When asked why, he said painful. He could pinpoint to us where's the painful part. And I checked that there was no physical injury. Asked if he knocked on something he said no too.

So we decided to bring him to the Pd this morning to have a check. Better be safe than sorry.

When we entered the consultation room, Dr asked if he was going to school, if he enjoyed going to school and that school is fun as he has friends there. He shook his head to all the questions. When asked who was his best friend, he named his playdate as his best friend.

Dr shared with us that chest pain on children (ruling out accidents aka physical injuries) caused by 2 possibilities. Either cardiac related problem or anxiety.

He ruled out cardiac related problem, as he checked that IZ's lungs and all are strong and healthy. He is on the verge of flu, but that's about it.

So, Dr says it could be anxiety caused in school. It came clearer to us when I shared about his frequent need to urinate. He says if we do not intervene now, it would probably aggravate from chest pain to tummy pain. By then it would be serious.

He advised us to tell teachers in the school to lookout for him, be gentle for now and lookout for case of bullying.

He was involved in some sort of physical bullying this week, I didn't expect it could be this bad. A peer hit on him on one day, and he got pinched by another peer on the next day.

Suddenly it became clearer on why he was always upset to wake up to go to school although he used to love and go to school happily.

This is yet another wake up call for us to pay extra attention on not brushing his feelings aside when he told us he got "bullied". He probably has suppressed a lot in school that he vent it all out at home, thus the naughty behaviours.

I'm just so glad we took him to the doctor, and hope it's not too late to do damage control.


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