Monday, 10 February 2014


I started my placement in a local children's home few weeks ago, my second placement since my first with a local childcare center ended.

I'm thankful for being granted this opportunity to see the real world. The difference between children in a childcare center and children in a children's home. The environment, the people, the feeling, I feel deeply.

Every Sat, I feel for the children. Every Sat, I feel for all the children in the world. Every Sat, I count my blessings. Every Sat, I count IZ's blessings.

I remember breaking down after the 1st session.

Every Sat, I ask myself, how can I help them better?

The feeling of helping one child at a time is not sufficient bugs me every week. It makes me feel helpless.

What can I do to help more children in need?


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