Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A story about storytelling..

I do not remember since when we started reading to him before bedtime.

Or rather, we tried to do it when he was younger, but he was not interested.

One day, he just started asking for stories to be told. And then he continued to dig storybooks out from the shelves and asked for storytelling.

Usually, I would read the book, most of the times word by word. I'm not one you'll call creative or innovative. Not someone who could think out of a box.

Usually, hubby would read in Chinese. He would engage IZ in his reading. And I'm not sure since when, IZ started repeating the Chinese words too.

And then he progressed, he asked for random stories after lights out too. That's when I was forced to think out of a box.

On nights I couldn't think of anything, I would just tell stories with the known storyline.

On nights when I feel like being more creative, I would try to make something up.

And last night was one of the nights. He behaved very well, so I decided to put on my creative thinking cap.

I told him a story about Parker. The story would eventually become a Spiderman story, but I tried to twist the story a little coz to be honest, I do not remember how Parker became a Spiderman.

It was the first time, I got him lying down so still, with his eyes opened wide, staring into the empty space, as if he was imagining the story. It got to a point where he got so excited and sat up and asked me "what's that?!"

Because I was interrupted, the flow was disconnected.

I tried to ask him in return, questions about my story. Just to check if he was listening at all.

I told him about an old lady crossing the road with a trolley, a heavy truck was headed towards her.

IZ exclaimed "there is a baby sitting up on the trolley!"

Oh wow, I was impressed. Where did the baby come from? I only said a trolley, I didn't say what kind of trolley, or what's in the trolley!

He really did imagine the story afterall.

And I'm motivated.. inspired to continue this story about Parker tonight.. just to see that intensed look and the sparkle in his eyes.. it's all worth it.


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