Monday, 17 February 2014

Love was everywhere!

Did you know it was Valentine's Day on Friday?

Or you are somebody who heck care when is Vday.. someone who thinks everyday is Vday (if you have the money.. or love?).. or you are somebody who fell out of love and detested the arrival of Vday?

What about me?

Oh well, I knew and anticipated the arrival of the day. It was one of the excuses reasons to celebrate. Hmmm.. so how did I celebrate?

We went for a dinner! And I had my badly craved lamb chop. I originally craved for the one Western Chow makes but they are closed nowhere to be found. If you know where they are now, could you please drop me a note?

So we went to nowhere fancy but some kopitiam Western Food at jeng jeng jeng.. Geylang*! Hubby was on a phone call when he picked me, so he had absolutely no idea where I was directing him to. When I said Geylang, he went "what's there?", "well, let's open a room shall we?! muahahaha" I gave him an evil laugh.

The lamb chop was goooooood! It was served in a sizzling hotplate..

And the portion was generous too!
It took us some time to be able to find a parking lot. I considered Aston's, Jack's Place, The Ship, Botak Jones but the picture of the sizzling lamb chop I found online helped me with the decision making.

*For those who do not know, Geyland is the red light district in Singapore.

Anyway, that's not the point of my post.

After dinner, we went home and brought IZ to NEX's library.

WOW.. I was surprised to see NEX was so crowded! It was like all the couples in Singapore decided to flock out of their nest and do couple things on Valentine's day! There were couples in every blink of eyes! Many were holding flowers, bears, balloons, paper bags with presents and what's not.

There were long queue at almost all the restaurants too. 

Now I realise what some said Vday is so commercialised. Hmm.. I didn't get flowers, I didn't get bears, I didn't get balloons, but I celebrated it the way I wanted. Eating my favorite food with my loved one.

I guess I'm a practical person. I enjoy receiving flowers (from my exes... ehem, dear hubby did you see this?) but the "what to do with it" at the end of the day gave (note the past tense) me headache. Do I dry them so they collect dust? Do I throw them away but it felt like throwing away the thought and the heart that came with it?

Brings me to another point.

Mostly who gave/received flowers were youngesters, they did not look a day over 25 if they are over 20. Well, there were a lot of thoughts going in my mind, as if I was trying to put a bubble dialog on couples that we saw that night.

"Heck, why did he give me such a small bouquet?" 
"Look at that! That's called bouquet!"
"What look at this, why the bf so stingy?"
"Wah bro, you really generous ah"
"Wah bro, you spoil market le"
"See? My gf has the biggest bouquet"
"And we are having Jack's Place!"
"What? Mc'D only?"

And the conversations go on and on in my brain.. I started to pity the guys.


To be exact, I pity my son.

In 10-15 years down the road, he would be facing this "competition". He is 3 now by the way, I may be thinking too much, but I guess I would have to "instill" the "right" thing in his brain from now..

That Vday is for loved ones.. including his daddy and mommy, not just gf. And there's no need to spend too much on flowers? Hahahaha.. oh, and most importantly, we'll definitely teach him that "girl that mind whatever he gives, is not worth his time".

Everyday is Vday.. when you have love.. Love is everywhere, spread your love, and you shall be loved.


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