Monday, 10 February 2014

CNY 2014

Eve of CNY Eve - shopping for plants!

Pretty like the flowers

With beloved Grandma

CNY Eve - Reunion Dinner

CNY Day 1 - blessed in the temple

Happy boy with the red dot on his forehead

Super cute chewy!

Concussed on Day 1 as usual...
CNY Day 2 - Headed to KL on Aeroline!

Fell asleep while watching 2nd movie, Monsters University!
He killed Cinderella 3 once the entertainment system was on.

Feast at Da Jiu's - bamboo shoots!

Hou si fatt choy - yummylicious!
Very yummy fish - I do not know the name

1999 red wine

Lion Dance in the house!

CNY Day 4 - Lunch at Tai Thong KLCC
IZ's first louhei for the year!

Gong Gong Poh Poh and Yima's family

Gallop gallop!

Dinner with Aunty Jenny's Family @ Pumpkin Garden Restaurant

With Gong Gong Poh Poh too

Yummy pumpkin porridge steamboat

Asked for baking class the night before we left

Engrossed with how Yi Ma bakes

Can I eat?

Little helper helping out

I did it!

Pretty flowers

CNY Day 5 - On the way back to Sg

His blessings received in Sg

His blessings received in KL
This year, he wished people he met "happy new year" and "gong xi fa cai" and kinda waited to be given red packets. A janitor in our neighbourhood also gave him one. What a blessed child.

I was very proud of him when relatives came to our house on the 1st day of CNY, and he was not afraid, instead he stood near the door, greeted and shook hands with everyone like a little adult.

Even more proud of him when I brought him to my Aunt's house in KL where my mom's side would gather on 2nd day of CNY. He was not afraid of our relatives who he has not met since he was 8 mo except for an Aunt that came to Sg for visiting just last Xmas. He greeted and smiled and made himself just at home.

Felt comforted that he show signs that he is an independent and securely attached child.

Good job, my son! May you be blessed with good health and lots of happiness in the coming year!


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