Friday, 7 February 2014

Random Updates in Jan'14

Have not posted for a while.. not coz I was lazy, but coz IE is not Blogger friendly, I have to use Chrome to blog from now on.

23rd Jan'14: @ Daddy's workplace

23rd Jan'14: @ Daddy's workplace

24th Jan'14: Wanted to play "ke ren lai"

18th Jan'14 - messed up his Chinese writing

29th Jan'14 - Yippie!

Random play with daddy

Creativity has no limit

Unwrapping my present to his daddy

Can't wait to see the surprise!

Playing Humpty Dumpty at the playground

Reading session every night

Let's jog!

Another playground

Time flies.. it was his 6th class in heART Studio! Stay tuned for all the
art collections!

Chinese reading time

Can you believe it's his first ride?
It's gonna be a lucky year!


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