Friday, 18 December 2015

Word Search Adventure

A friend of mine told us (when we visited them in Melbourne earlier this year) she started her first born on Word Search because she couldn't focus. What started out to be a form of method to polish her concentration, now becomes a leisure hobby.

I got the Jumbo Word Search for her, and then my friend pointed that I've already bought her the very same book when we met in KL.

So, the book is kinda "owner-less". I believe I could make use of it, but I pretty much prefer Sudoku anytime, thanks.

IZ, like many children his age, is not able to focus on a task for long (except for his drawing and every 3 days iPad sessions). I decided to let him try.

Boy, it was not easy. The first time I brought out the book (few months ago), I quickly kept it again, before my BP start rising and scared IZ out of his skin. He had absolutely no clue what it was all about and had difficulty "reading" diagonally or reversed for that matter.

Few weeks ago, I brought it out again. I observed that he could read more words now. At least he tries. Thanks Kinderland, Thanks Phonics.

This time round, I am amazed. He now knows what is diagonal. He has tons to work on his concentration span, but I feel we are on the right path.

Other than searching for words, he actually learns spelling as well as some general information too.

For eg: Asian countries - he roughly know the countries by looking at the words (oh well, of course he can't spell them) ;-)

1st Topic - Asian Countries
Sweet Tooth
He is currently working on "I want to be...."

PS: Of course he didn't finish one whole page everyday! I asked for 2-3 words a day, so I can work on my Sudoku for that 10mins just for fun! But I believe he can slowly find them quicker, and by next year he probably can finish one page on one day. I can't wait, I hope he likes words or numbers related games, just like me!

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