Friday, 18 December 2015

Session #9

Since I started befriending X in July, we have had lots of hiccups. Mainly on my side due to the poor health I have.

Fever, lumps, flu, cold you name it.

I had to stay away from X as he's undergoing chemotherapy and his immunity is all time low. And there were days he just came back from his protocol, I couldn't visit.

So, from July to now (Dec), we have had only 9 sessions.

All this while, he has never really talked about his "illness". NEVER.

He has always been joyful, bubbly, chatty, calling "Aunty Colleen! Aunty Colleen!"

There were once he told me about taking cab to KKH. That's about it.

So you can imagine my surprise when he said "Aunty Colleen, doctor told said I cannot go out, need to stay at home".

That was a multi-million statement.

I reflected the same statement, he acknowledged, and he changed topic. Didn't bring it up again.

Then he chased me away as he wanted to eat noodles.

Next week will be his last protocol. Then after he'll have to take oral chemo pills. I learnt that we will not be able to know if he'll recover completely until 2 years later.

X and his family taught me valuable lessons every time I see them. Be strong, be happy. If not for I know of his illness, I wouldn't suspect anything amiss.

I wish, I pray for his good health.


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