Wednesday, 9 December 2015

IZ's 5th Birthday

He started counting down to his 5th birthday the month he turned 4 year old.

It was amusing, when he started to tell us what he wanted for his birthday, like yeah, 11 months ahead. And he kept adding to the list changing his mind every other week.

Transformers, tobots, transformers..

And so I asked him what theme he wanted for the birthday. I've made the decisions for him the past few years, I think it's the time for him to decide for himself. Afterall, now he knows what birthday is all about.

Started with the cake, he couldn't decide between Spiderman and Transformers. At one point, I told him, I'll just cover a cake with white fondant and let him draw on them. Unfortunately, I couldn't get nice edible marker pens. Read bad reviews on Wilton's ones too.

So, it was Transformers. I told him I did not have the confidence to make complicated cakes (read Optimus Prime figurines etc), he told me he's good with just its logo. It was decided it'd be a chocolate Transformers cake.

Until a few days before the celebration, he decided he wanted a rainbow Transformers cake instead. Frantically, but luckily, I have a recipe from a friend's friend who appeared in a magazine before. So ta-rah.. my first attempt making rainbow cake!

It was a success, I didn't even have to trim the cake at all!

So we had a simple celebration at home as usual, with his gang and close friends.

His wish this year?

"I wish I can jump from building to building"


When will my son wish for something more realistic? **waiting with my long neck**

Happy birthday boy!

Not bad, isn't it?
PS: So, we saved over $100 on a birthday cake this year! Putting my limited skills to use!


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