Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Art People

IZ went to InnoArt for drawing close to a year ago. I don't know when, the teacher changed. And then he started to dread going to class. For a class that he would want to go despite running temperature, we were surprised.

We didn't receive notification that the teacher changed. No proper introduction either. We thought new teacher was an intern/assistant.

Later on, IZ completely give up going to class and told us he didn't want to go the class anymore.

I learnt from a fellow parent that the new teacher didn't have the patience with young kids. Maybe that's why IZ didn't want to go. We also didn't like that IZ learnt to draw by looking at tablet, on top of teacher's sketches. That's not what we want.

Our take is simple. We send him to art/drawing class because he loves it. Period.

If he detests going to the class, we'll not force him. So we were about to give up the remaining 3 lessons credits, but InnoArt agreed to let us pass on the credits to another friend.

To be honest, after a year of class, I didn't see there's any improvement on IZ's drawing other than the ability to copy things from iPad.

So, I had to search for another school so he can continue to learn and do more with his passion. And I found one that is really near us, and what's even better, the class is on weekday afternoon. Yippie!

On the assessment day
At first when he was given the blank piece of fish, he couldn't draw anything, but once he started, he could add a little details to it

Happy at 1st lesson
For his portfolio cover
2nd lesson
Teacher commented he got tired at the end
But we were more than amazed at the work

Something really different after 2 lessons.
This is the first time his robots actually look nice after colouring. 
I hope the lernen-reise here will be beneficial for him..

Fingers crossed for now..

Updated on 16th Dec'15:
3rd lesson


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