Friday, 25 July 2014

Urine talk..

Was talking about his day.. when he said he bathed already coz he peed in his pants (at home).

IZ: I took bath already..
Me: when was that?
IZ: when I urine in my pants
Me: You urine in your pants?
IZ: Yes
Me: hmm.. how come?
IZ: coz my urine wants to come out (as a matter of fact)

I got to know it was so urgent, by the time he got to the toilet, stuck with his tight pants, he already peed.. Still working on control, way to go, son!

(Sometimes, he'll say my urine is sleeping.. my poo-poo is reading book.. they are too busy they can't come out.. hahahaha)

Haha.. I really enjoy all the little conversation everyday.. it's so fun..


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