Monday, 14 July 2014

IZ's 1st Dental Visit

When I went for my dental months ago, I asked my dentist, Dr. Tan if she does for kiddos too. She showed me all her "weapons" for kiddos, mainly stickers, barbie dolls etc. So I made appointment for IZ to have his first dental visit. Mainly to create awareness of what he would expect if he neglects his teeth, so that his wouldn't be like mine!

He was anxious, held onto my hand most of the times, but he co-operated. Dr. Tan had a special way of counting his milk teeth.

Conclusion is he brushed his teeth well, they are clean except for the top left part. And the milk teeth has gap which is a good sign, that when adult teeth make their way, they will have sufficient space (cross our fingers and toes).

Cute glasses

Whenever Dr. Tan talks, he would do this

Start taking photos

One of the photos captured
Nice gap!

With Dr. Tan

Reward for being a brave boy
For each time Dr. Tan says "good boy, clever boy"
she'll put one in the red packet

Happy boy!


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