Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Sometimes, in the street, you smell something familiar..

Sometimes, it's the music you hear..

Sometimes, it's a conversation..

They trigger your memories.. random memories will flash back.. the trend these days "throwback".. how far back can yours go? 

I've always wondered how far back can IZ remember. 

They said kids do not remember trips during the first few years. So when exactly will they remember?

For sure, IZ can't remember the past 4 overseas trips.. not if I did not show him the photos..

He remembers random things at a random time. But usually incidents that happened within 3-4 months time frame.

Two days ago, he amazed me.

We were doing a Spot the Difference (will be covered in next post) game, there was a fish in a tank. Suddenly he said "do you remember? we went fishing?"

Surely, I didn't.. as we've never really went fishing before..

"Do you remember? we went fishing? the uncle says need to use the net and not our hands?"

Then it dawned upon me, that he remembered his Pre-Nursery field trip in Oct'13 to Pasir Ris Kid's Kampong.. I'm impressed.. this should be by far, the furthest memory he has. 

I shall keep an eye out for more..

On a different note, I felt glad I accompanied him to the field trip. At least when he brought it out, I knew what he was talking about.


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