Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Spot the Difference!

IZ got this Christmas last year from gift exchange (if I remember correctly.. see what have I said about my memory?)..

We started doing Spot the Difference in National Geographic for Kids way before we received this gift. He was not interested.

Starting beginning of this year, after doing it a few times more.. he got the hang of it. Now he enjoys doing it randomly so much that he would bring it to me instead.

Instead of circling (which I know he would do well), I asked him to describe instead.

In the beginning: "I don't know!"

Then: "this one have this and this one don't have this" (pointing to the difference)

For now: "this one have a small butterfly, this one don't have"

I'm still working on the steps..
1) describe what he sees (this one will take time, as he would straight jump into pointing the differences)
2) describe the differences (pointing out colours, sizes, etc)
3) praise.. and lots of praises!

As you can see, it's not just about observing what is the difference.
1) He learnt to pause for a few seconds, looking at the pictures. 
2) He learnt to describe what he sees in general.
3) He learnt to spot the difference.
4) He learnt to describe the differences he spotted.

3 levels of difficulties..
Green - 1 difference
Orange - 2 differences
Red - 3 differences

This one (as he pointed to the card on the right) is ice cream on a crunchy.
This one (as he pointed to the card on the left) is ice cream on a stick.

Initially we did about 5 sets.. I stopped before he wants to stop.
Then I increased to half the stack.. I stopped before he wants to stop.
Now he can complete about 75%.. I stopped before he wants to stop.
The key is not to bore him.. take clue from his body language and attention span.

Slowly, but surely, he'll be there.


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