Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Parents Teacher Meeting: 31st Aug'15

Feedback from Ms. Fizah:

  1. IZ can draw really well for his age. Robots that he draw are very detailed.
  2. IZ can do his work independently.
  3. IZ shows empathy by asking a peer's parent on the allergies. He told the parent that he wanted to share his cake.
  4. They are learning time now, IZ's favorite subject so he has no problem.
  5. IZ did well for his show and tell. He asked his friends to wait till he finished before asking him questions. He was also very excited to share the photobook with his friends. Looks like Melbourne was the best trip ever for him. Each trip is?
  6. The only concern is about his speech. Ms Fizah asked if we are still going for speech therapy. I guess I've slacked a little these days. Time to buck up!

Feedback from Li Laoshi:

  1. IZ is a happy, active and sunny little boy.
  2. He participates actively in class activities and dares to speak up. 
  3. He is able to complete his homework as per teacher’s request. 
  4. After class he is able to help his friends.
  5. IZ is very helpful not just to friends, but to teacher too.

    Pray that he continue to enjoy his lernen-reise.


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