Thursday, 20 August 2015

Session #3

I can't disclose any information that would reveal the identity of the child I befriend. The child (X) is diagnosed with leukemia.

Yesterday was the 3rd session with X. I knew from social worker, X's mother would like X to catch up with schoolwork since X stopped going to school due to the sickness.

Every time I leave after our session, I will be deep in thought.

Because of their close age, I thought about IZ too.

I tried teaching ABC last week, but X was not interested.

So, yesterday, I resorted to making fun lesson for him.

I used similar method to what I've done with IZ when he was young. When I was doing revision on the fun lessons, I felt disappointed with myself. I've not done fun lessons with IZ for the longest time. We read a lot, he does worksheet everyday under Aunty's guidance but we did not do fun lesson anymore. I've forgotten he's only turning 5. I blamed my impatience, I blamed his hyper-activeness, I blamed his inability to focus and I blamed his passion for drawing that he draws every minute I see him.

While I was at the revision, I promised myself to do more fun lessons with him. Play as we learn.

And I was really happy X paid full attention to me for whole of 15 mins. And the fun lesson worked, he had fun, he learned about A, and he did some craft. I can't wait for our 2nd fun lesson.

I hope the same for him.

The volunteer work reminds me again that I'm not a good person, so I will continue to volunteer to remind myself to be a better person.


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