Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Solar System

To make use of The Solar System book I bought for years, I started reading to him last week. The same book every night, and he really enjoyed it.

Then I thought of activities (because of reminder to self: create more fun learning) for Solar System, and then mind mapping came into my mind. I'm not exactly a person for mind mapping, but for his age and his interest, I guess drawing it out will be the best.

While I read, I described, he put it in illustration.

We also went through the way to remember "My Very Energetic Mother Just Serves Us Noodles". We learnt not just the Solar System, but spelling/phonics too!

Very serious at work

He said he wants to display and show his Serangoon friends
that his mommy taught him Solar System.

I also let him watch YouTube on Solar System, and I guess he really benefited from it.

Last night he went "Jupiter is made of gas". I couldn't remember.

Then he started singing "I am a giant gas" in the manner of the YouTube song.

The dad randomly uttered a question "how many moon does Jupiter has?" IZ answered 60 (that's according to the book anyway). Looks like Jupiter now has at least 63 moons. How ah?

Edited on 16th Sep'15:

He captioned "I'm cold"
as it can be very hot in Mercury, and it can be very cold too

He captioned "mmm nice" on Earth
the only planet with living things

He captioned "why I have so many volcanoes on myself"
for Venus who has many crates


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