Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tomorrow is THE DAY..

We rescheduled his surgery from 5th Feb'15 to 12th Feb'15 as his cough and runny nose did not recover within the 10 days time frame. Since rescheduled, he was on the way to recovery and recovered completely well over the 10 days time frame.

But this time frame was the longest ever. I am paranoia, over possibility he'll catch bug and fall sick again. Any sneeze he made, sent a jolt to my heart, maybe like an AED. "not again" I would think. Really stressed to keep up.

Thank goodness, all is well. We avoided crowded places, although he continued going to school and classes.

KKH sent a sms on 9th Feb'15 to call them if he has fever/cough/cold.

Tomorrow is THE DAY.

KKH called me a while ago to give me the fasting instructions (asking again if he has fever/cough/cold for the past 2 weeks):

No food after 12am (milo/milk is ok)
Only water after 3am
No food/drink after 7am

Registration at 9.30am, surgery is estimated to be at 10.30am.

(Gosh, I really don't know how he can fast this long.. will he cry coz he's hungry?)

I have mixed feelings.

Anxious, I pray for his smooth recovery and least pain possible. My heart is aching whenever I think of him crying in pain.

Anticipating, the day has finally come for him to overcome his speech problem (and maybe swallowing problem too).

Worried, that he doesn't improve even after surgery and speech therapies. What should we do?

I've prepared the Tobot Smart Key as a gift. Hopefully that can distract him a little off the pain he may experience.

I pray for a smooth and speedy recovery.


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