Monday, 9 February 2015

Music lernen-reise..

I'm not one born with music talent. I remember dreading piano practices as my mom nagged and "forced" me to practice. I don't remember why I took up piano, but I vaguely remember started my journey in a music school and then changed to a private teacher.

In the beginning, I didn't have a piano. I had to practice in the music school. I guess that's why I didn't do well the first 2 years. Understandable now (but not then), my progress was quite stagnant in the music school that my mom got pissed and engaged a private teacher instead. By now, you could guess my "talent level".. almost non-existence I guess.

I went to the teacher's house, half hour of playing and the remaining on theories. Gosh, I remember dreading the theory part too. I couldn't go home if I did not answer all correctly, and I had to do, re-do and re-do until I got them right. Especially bad when preparing for exams, I always felt like crying.

I quit piano when I was in Form 6 (JC1 equivalent) at the age of 18, when I was preparing Grade 7. I quoted I couldn't cope, I needed to prepare for STMP (A level equivalent). What a bullshit.

Hearing piano sound now, makes my fingers itchy. But tell you what, I couldn't play for my life (not without pieces anyway). I was trained to play classicals, I was not adventurous, I have never ventured anything more than Richard Clayderman's pieces. Other than that, give me a piano, I have to figure how to play Happy Birthday song. Now you can confirm I have no talent at all.

But I love music. I love hearing music sound. I love hearing different instruments.

It is in my wish, to let IZ explore music. It is really good for emotion expression. I remember banging on my piano when I was angry, when I was sad, when I was happy. There was a channel to vent.

While watching Cantabile Tomorrow (a Korean show about orchestra, instruments, talented musicians), I was mesmerized by the sound of a cello. It's so melancholic.

So I hope IZ could take up cello. Unfortunately, he's too young. The only instruments he could play at the age of 4 is either piano (or keyboard) or violin.

As Kinderland has keyboard lesson in the music class, I decided we should go for violin. Afterall, if he can play a violin, he shouldn't have problem playing a cello, wouldn't he?

IZ obviously has different opinions. His list would go: trumpet, ukulele, guitar..

I told IZ he will learn violin till he turns 5, and then he can choose an instrument that he likes then. Actually at 5 years old, he probably can choose ukulele and guitar, for trumpet probably close to 6 or 7 years old.

It's not that I want to groom him as a violinist or musician whatsoever. It's the whole package. The joy of playing music on an instrument, using both hands for brain stimulation, the discipline to practice diligently, and also if possible taking up cello if he likes it? Hahaha...

To cut story short, he is we are now attending class on Sunday by MusArt Edu Hut who is run by Kids Philharmonic founder, Mr Lee.

More on the violin lernen-reise in future post..

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