Monday, 19 January 2015

Volunteering weekend takeway..

Kids in Play: 17th Jan'15

It was the first session for the year. There were 3 kids in my group, all of them from P2.

He appeared to be uncooperative at first. Complaining it was boring and that he wanted to do other stuffs. At the end of the session, the kids were given a hotdog bun each. He exclaimed he didn't like hotdog bun, and stopped eating.

I asked him why he didn't finish his bun, he said he was keeping it for his grandmother. So, it was pride that made him said he didn't like hotdog bun, but really, it was his sweet thoughts for the grandmother that he stopped eating.

I told him he could finish up his, and he could have mine for the grandmother. He shook his head and said no.

I chose to share about what he did at the debrief session, and he was given compliments albeit not being there personally. I hope the good note would be conveyed to his caseworker and in the end passed to the grandmother as well as the parents. That the kiddo is very sensible.

I'm very proud of him.

Project Besar House-call: 18th Jan'15

This time it's food rations distribution for the Chinese New Year which is just around the corner.

IZ joined us after his violin class.

One particular family with an elderly woman walking with a stick. She told us her hand has not been well and that no one could clean the fan. Her son was jobless coz of heart issue. So we offered to wash the fan. While we have just started dismantling and showering the blades in the bathroom, the son woke up and showed us very unhappy face and insisted he needed to use the bathroom. Didn't feel embarrassed at all that he is a fully capable man with a giant built that us 2 ladies helping his mother cleaning the fan. YET, he gave us the face as if we owed it to him.

Neighbor uncle came, reprimanding us that we shouldn't have helped them as they are not exactly the ones in real need. He then brought us to another unit where the elderly woman is suffering from osteoporosis, using walking stick and needed to sit on the stool when she talked to us. The uncle told us, THIS is what needy people. But, she still did all the housechores on her own. So very proud of the aunty.

This neighbor uncle also told us that he is still working, so he doesn't see the need to take the food rations. He said he still can survive, let other people who needs it more have it.

Another elderly woman in her 80s, who speaks Cantonese. When IZ called her "Ah Mah" out of the sudden, she said "wah, why are you so guai!". Living alone, depending on neighbors for her meals. But she was all smiley and all positive.

God bless them all.


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