Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I can't remember if I've shared IZ has pronunciation problem, especially with f, s, c. We noticed since he started talking, ie. when he could answer when strangers asked him "what's your name?"

The most irony about the mispronunciation has always been his look when he has to repeat his name, sometimes twice, sometimes thrice, and many a times, we have to jump in to "save him". Strangers will then go "Oh, IZ!"

His form teacher once told us not to worry about his pronunciation as he was too young. In the last PTM, she told us she was worried of his pronunciation as he didn't show improvement although she had been correcting him for a year.

I thought of monitoring him this year as he progressed to K1. I've checked the cost of speech therapies last year, and it would cost us BOMBS.

Not sure what struck me. I started googling more information about his pronunciation problem and got really worried on Monday. I wrote to a fellow mommy with similar experience in SMH and asked if she could share her experience.

Her information was very helpful. And it was frightening as she shared that her son withdrew coz of speech problem. I started to panic and immediately made appointment to Polyclinic for referral to KKH. I confirmed that would be a cheaper way.

So doctor did an assessment and concluded that his speech problem could be due to tongue-tied (short frenulum). She said "a minor surgery" could be done to solve this. If not, speech therapy would do.

She referred us to KKH ENT for further review.

Appointment was made on 16th Feb'15, but I called earlier today to check if there was possibilities to change to other dates. Kinderland would be having CNY performance on the 16th, I wouldn't want IZ to miss out the fun for hospital visit.

Luck was on our side, the lady who answered the phone actually gave me 22nd Jan'15 instead! How lucky!

I'm very anxious, nervous, worried, all jumbled up. And a little in denial too.

I remember how I was treading very carefully between correcting his pronunciation mildly and not over-doing it so that he doesn't withdraw and never speak again.

I remember how anxious I am every time people ask him to repeat what he said and correct him. At times making fun of him.

I remember how I've threatened him to speak properly, pronounce accurately by telling him if he doesn't, we would have to go for doctors and it'll cost us money, thus we won't be able to afford to go on holidays. Little did I know, he actually couldn't help it! :-(

Now that I'm reading more about the surgery, all the more I pray not to be put through this agony.

Although it's a minor surgery, I don't think my frail heart can see him in pain in any way.

Please Lord Buddha, I pray to you. Please give us strength. If there's anything wrong I've done in my past lives, please let the Karma be on me instead of the little one.

Added on 15th Jan'15:

Apparently heart-shaped tongue is not exactly normal. It could affect our pronunciation to certain extent. To some, severe mis-pronunciation, to some, very minor.


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