Monday, 12 January 2015

More talking!

Acknowledging his feeling

Yesterday, whilst in the car. Same scnenario happened again and again..

IZ: you are driving too fast, daddy!
Dad: (glancing at speedometer - 75km/h) no, I'm not..
IZ: yes you are! Its dangerous!
Dad: no, it's not fast

(above scenario will ongoing until IZ is distracted with other stuffs..) X N times

Immediately, I recognised an opportunity to put what I read in "How to talk so kids listen, how to listen so kids talk" book I borrowed recently, on acknowledging children's feelings.

Me: it sure feels like daddy is driving very fast right? But he's not you know..
IZ: ya, I feel very fast!
Me: he's driving within the speed limit

And the conversation ended there. No argument.

Power of acknowledging his feeling.

You didn't see!

IZ: I draw this clock from Thank You For Being My Best Friend book (in the school)
Me: (acknowledging) I see..
IZ: No, you didn't see, you were at work!
Me: @-@


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