Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Preparing for K2..

I can't believe we came back from our vacation for more than a week already. I love going on a holiday with IZ and the dad. Living with MIL (and a helper), we basically do not have much privacy. Living together in a small hotel room or a small apartment, helps a lot in our family bonding. Which is why, I'll continue and insist on our family vacation, regardless how near or how far the location is.

And the school holiday has started since last Friday. I've told IZ that we'll have to start a routine, doing more "homework", learn how to spell (as there'll be spelling test for both Chinese and English starting K2), learn more about Maths etc.

All these because IZ buddy's mom told me that it's probably time to put more effort on his studies, build up his foundation, and do more Math as IZ shows interest in Math. She's so kind hearted to give me a pointer. Or otherwise I'll probably still taking it easy till it's too late.

So we started doing some simple work on Sunday. I'm determined to make this a routine so that he doesn't find it a chore. I'll have to work on my patience and the way I do work with him. Definitely a long way to go.

My list would go: violin practice, English, Math, Science.. (see the priority?)

There's something else I would like him to do. To be able to focus. It's really not easy to get this almost 5yo to focus on something. Out came an idea from our fellow friend whose 1st daughter benefited from Word Search.

And so our journey began..

First attempt at Word Search

Not bad for a start!

While he's working on his assessments, I do my Sudoku
It's a perfect win-win situation
Of course, I included some fun time too

Including card games..
They are ancient, aren't they?!

and UNO!


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