Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Last PTM for K1

We went to the last PTM for the year yesterday.

Ms Fizah says IZ has no issue with learning, but she's concerned about his inability to have clear pronunciation for certain sound. She asked if we are still working on it. Fact is, I have slacked for a while, not correcting him much as I thought it doesn't call for concern.

Fact is, I thought it's only bad habit of his, since he could speak Chinese really well.

But Li Laoshi also feedback the same. That his pronunciation is not accurate.

So it was a wake up call for me, to continue to work on his speeches.

Li Laoshi says he is a confident boy, very proactive and engaging in her class. He asks questions when he's unsure and dare to voice out his opinions.

Ms Fizah commented IZ has one of the best writing among his peers.

All is well, he is on par with teachers' expectations... well done, IZ!

Coming up to K2 real soon!

Updated on 19th Nov'15:

Comments from Chinese Immersion Class teacher was nowhere near the above. Daddy used the term "far from satisfactory". Teacher commented IZ is easily distracted, didn't concentrate in class and not able to write properly.

Oh well, he's not even 5 yet, I wouldn't be too worried about it. Most importantly this year, the objective is to cultivate such that he embraces the language and not switch off like previously.

Still, I say, job well done, IZ.

Daddy begs to differ although in the end, I managed to convince him there's no call for concern. He kept quiet, means points accepted.

Hopefully daddy can change his mindset before the next negative feedback came about.

Dear IZ,

It's never about the result, it's always about your attitude and your effort. Jia you!


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