Thursday, 2 October 2014

IZ writes Chinese..

One fine day.. he wanted to write his Chinese name. Being Chinese illiterate (or in a better non-intimidating way, I don't read/write Chinese), I was at lost. Daddy is not good in Chinese too.

As he asked his daddy one day, if he ever learnt Chinese. Daddy said yes. IZ said "if you learnt Chinese how come your Chinese is not good?" (Gotcha daddy!)

Back to his Chinese name, so I couldn't just tell him I don't write Chinese, although he knew that much. He has never came to me with a Chinese book, not that he likes Chinese that much anyway.

How did I solve the problem?

I took his Chinese reader book and copied. I was not very confident coz I do not know the strokes and the sequence. I couldn't describe the strokes either. I let be, let him write however he wants. I can't tell anyway, you get what I mean?

You can imagine how proud I was, when he could produce below, without referring to anything. He got it within 2 days and I thought he wrote really well. Phew!

At 3y9m:

His Chinese name - I think he did really well!


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