Thursday, 2 October 2014

All about plants..

This term theme in Kinderland is about plants, gardens etc.

I kinda know of the theme before the school sent me email, when IZ sketched this:

Sketched this (transpiration) and told me
"the water go into the root"
 He was talking about plants that eat insects, so I showed him pitcher plants pictures on the iPad but he said that was not what he was talking about.

Two days later, he woke up excitedly and banged on the bathroom door. Couldn't contain his excitement, he told me the plant was Venus Fly Trap. I think the boy even dreamt of what he learnt in school.

Not able to confirm what he was talking about, he made some actions about fly touches fingers on one of his hands, and then touches fingers on the other hands, and the plant will close up. And it'll open again after 10 days.

So this time, I searched for Venus Fly Trap photos and videos.

Asked to watch Venus Fly Trap video every now and then
As he started sketching about plants, he asked to plant seeds. He said he wants to plant seeds and water them. I thought about it for a while, but procrastinated. I asked his aunt who likes to do gardening, if she could recommend any seeds that are easy to plant. She suggested beans.

I thought beans are boring, but decided to go ahead anyway before I can make up my mind on what seeds we should try.

So here we go:

Green bean experiment

4 days later
It's amazing how the boy is so responsible to water his plant everyday and love it so much.

While I forgot about my intention to plant a seed(s).. a notification from Kinderland came..  a seed growing project and we are supposed to chart the growth!

No more procrastination, Mummy!

PS: he could name some parts of plants - root, stem, leaves, flower


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