Thursday, 5 June 2014

How it feels..?

These two days, I feel extremely connected to the kids in the home I'm clocking my clinical hours.

I wonder how it feels to be them.

How would I feel waking up everyday, not knowing what's hold for me?

How would I feel eating with so many other kids, like I was a prisoner?

How would I feel wearing uniform day in day out except on outings and to school?

How would I feel when there are bunch of volunteers that come and go? Would I feel they pitied me? Was that pity in their eyes?

How would I feel living in fear of not being able to live with  my family again?

How would I feel when I grow up from the home?

How would I feel celebrating festivals without my family?

How would I feel when I'm being punished because I feel like I want to be a children, and be naughty at times?

How would I feel when the temptation is just too great, I might as well be a bad child?

The great tight hugs the girls gave me made me realized my choice to return to the home not as therapist was right.

I do not want to pity them, I want to be with them.

God, please give me strength to continue giving.


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