Tuesday, 28 April 2015

"Let's go ice-skating!"

Close to dawn this morning, I heard IZ shouting:

IZ: I dreamed I went ice-skating, alone!
Me: wow.. (sleep again)

When I woke him up, I asked if he could remember.

IZ: yes, I went ice-skating, alone.. 2 rounds you know?
Me: wow, was it fun?
IZ: yes!
Me: was it slippery? (thinking back to the nightmare I went into the rink for the first time in my life in Melbourne)
IZ: not it was not.. it was up the hill..
Me: up the hill??
IZ: yes, can you bring me to ice skating?
Me: huh? no.. we are going USS this week, remember?
IZ: I don't want to go USS, I want to go ice-skating..
Me: you want to go ice-skating?
IZ: yes! let's go ice-skating in MELBOURNE!
Me: ok, I got to go to work and earn more money!


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