Thursday, 4 September 2014

Parents Teachers Meeting: 2nd Sep'14

Chinese language development:

Xu Laoshi is very happy with his effort to speak Chinese most of the times, although when he's too excited and anxious, he would bla in English. I heard from helper he likes the teacher even more now. At one period he was really scared of her. Maybe because Xu Laoshi is very strict, she doesn't believe in pampering.

He's doing well in everything except that he couldn't pronounce properly and that he is mischievous in the class. The boy has grown up.

Teacher also told me about him giving flower to a girl in the class. Hmm.. they sure start young.

General development:

Ms Fizah says he is the only boy who mingle and play with all his friends, boys and girls. Well, to start of, there aren't many boys in the class, just 3 of them. And so, IZ is the "star of the class" as Ms Fizah calls him.

He was appointed stationery leader. His job was to make sure every classmates get a pencil and there are 2 erasers on the table. Ms Fizah said he did well. Wow, his first leadership role I guess. I like the way they are given responsibilities in the class.

Pencil grip is still the same. But this time round, we mutually agreed that as long as he could write and he's happy, we'd probably not correct him too much. When daddy corrected him, he couldn't write well. Ms Fizah actually remembered I mentioned about a girl who wrote with palm grip yet she produced beautiful handwriting.

Ms Fizah says he's naturally curious about how things work. At the AMAZE playground field trip, he figured how things work and excitedly told his teacher about it.

For neighbourhood police station visit, he got to sit on the police car, at the driver seat. I swear he has never shared with us about that.

Both hubby and I are happy that he's enjoying himself in Kinderland. 


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