Monday, 25 August 2014

IZ's 1st Experience

Date: 23rd Aug'14

It was my 3rd time volunteering with the same group of people from Teckchen Choling temple.

But it was IZ's first.. a lot of explanation, but I thought it was a good start.

The Project Maude is now extended with collaboration from Community Clubs, thus the meet-up place was at Jalan Besar CC not at the temple

Early bird gets the worm.
I told him it was time to wake up, he jumped out of bed immediately
although he slept past midnight.
He was really excited to take early the 8am bus.
He said "mommy, you didn't buckle me"
Note to self: bring him on public transportation more often

Both beloved joined me for the good cause
Group photo before we split to our respective blocks

IZ made a new friend "IS"

IZ's job was to distribute face masks

Bonding session too

After walking for more than 3 hours.. he still had the energy
as the ninja turtle!

His favorite turtle.. haha!

It was a good experience to do it with IZ..

One thing that bugged him, what happened to an uncle who switched on his tv so loud that he couldn't hear us knocking on his door. So, it was Science lesson to teach him about impaired hearing.

I was really proud of him not complaining about the strong urine smell at the corridors of the 1/2 room flats we went. And he greeted the elderly by their names, exactly how we greeted them.

Way to go.. May we be enlightened further to continue helping people who are in need.


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